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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hearing ourselves talk

Have you ever seen that commercial where the mom is driving, and starts yelling at another driver. The camera pans to the toddler in the backseat watching the mom and soaking it all in and the narrator says something like "how would you react if you were being recorded 24 hours a day?" Well, this is the story of my life. Not that Im THAT mom (although I can't exactly deny it at times either), but that is most definately my child! It was very disturbing the first time I really heard "my voice" come out through Ava. Hearing her yell "AAAAAHHHHHHH" loudly in frustration over something silly. Or "LEAVE ME ALONE, GET OUTTA HERE" to Phil. Or "Stop it RIGHT NOW, Logan. I mean it." Or (and this one gets me everytime)..."DONT TALK TO ME LIKE THAT" to me when I tell her no. She'll say things with the same infliction of anger/frustration that I at times catch myself doing. IT really is like being recorded 24 hours a day, and then having someone play that video back to you. Raising a toddler is interesting, to say the least. I know, I only gets worse from here. lol
Its not always a bad thing though, which is what I really wanted to share with this post. I have learned through Ava, that there is a lot of love and nurturing going on in this house. One night last week, both kids had an absolute terrible night. Ava is getting her 2 yr molars in, and this particular night she was in a lot of pain and was up most of the night. I heard Logan stirring around 4 am, which is not a normal time for him to wake up. I was just going to leave him be, knowing he would fall back asleep. Although, I did worry he would wake Ava up. Well, not that she was even sleeping. Not two minutes after he started fussing, I heard her on the monitor...HIS monitor. I knew this was really going to wake him up and he'd want to play instead of sleep. But, I just had to sit there and listen to her for a few minutes. Here is a little snippet of her convo:

Hey buddy! Whats the matter? Why you crying?? Did you lose your paci? I'll get it for you. There you go, is that all better? (meanwhile he is now laughing). Want me to give you hug? Ok let me go get my stool. (she leaves the room, he starts crying...she comes back a second later with her stool.) Oh honey, dont cry. Whats wrong? Honey, now now dont cry. Shhhhh. (he starts laughing). There you go honey. You're so handsome, honey. Such a handsome boy. Time to go to sleep now though ok?? Its still dark out. Its 3 in the morning and time for bed (my EXACT words I said to her just right before this lol). Mommy will get mad, ok? Goodnight sweetheart. Dont cry honey. Dont cry.

Its so funny to hear her say the same things I would to him, or would say to her in the situation. She says stuff like this every morning too or after naps when we go get him out of bed. Hey handsome. Good morning sweetheart. Or when I change his diaper...lay still baby, lay still. Monkey see, monkey do (or say) has taken on a whole new meaning since I became a parent. Everytime I hear her sound like myself or react like I would when Im mad/frustrated, it stops me in my tracks. Im just thankful that in my house, the good and the loving outweigh the rest! Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving, and enjoy the upcoming holidays! Check the shutterfly website (top right link) for recent pictures. Here are a few of my favorites:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Our 6 month old Turkey

Logan is 6 months now! He weighed in at 20 lbs 6 oz...he will be a perfect sized turkey just in time for thanksgiving! 90th percentile for weight, 75th for height, and 50th for head! He is definately a big boy! He crawls backwards, rolls all over the floor, and definately knows how to get around. He is so close to crawling forward, Id say any week or even day now. You can see the wheels a turnin when he's bouncin on his knees! He definately has a look of determination and it wont be long before he is keepin up with his sissy. He also has his two bottom teeth (we all worked hard for those with fussing and lack of sleep!!) Hopefully, he will get a break with teething for a while. Our next task is sleeping through the night. Ive decided its time to work on that. Ava was so easy, she was sleeping 12 straight hours by the time I went back to work. Logan took me going back to work a lot harder and actually got worse with sleeping. But, its definately time, mama is tired and daddy certainly isnt getting any breaks on the weekends. The doctor said there is no reason he needs to eat 2-3 times a night...I happen to agree with her. Wish us luck!!

Ava really enjoyed halloween! This was the first time she really went trick or treating. She had so much fun. I think she was pretty amazed that she got candy just for saying "trick or treat". :) Here are a few pictures of the pair. Logan was a teddy bear, fittingly for his sweet personality. And Ava was a pink dinosaur...don't you remember seeing those on Jurassic Park?? I need to catch up on the blog, and post some fun pictures and videos Ive taken the last month or so. I'll stick to Halloween for tonight, but feel free to check out the new pics up on the shutterfly website (link on the top right). Happy voting day!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

I think we may be in trouble!

Little stinker just turned 5 months! His sitting is now perfected, so he thought he'd move on to standing! He got so mad at me when I sat him back down. He wanted right back up but couldnt figure out how to pull himself up yet, so he just yelled at me til I stood him back up! lol. He is very mobile on the floor, but no crawling quite yet. CLOSE though, very close. Chris and I both think it will be a matter of weeks. His sissy was walking before she even turned 9 months. I think he may be following suit!

Logan also started getting very interested in eating when we were eating dinner. I wanted to hold off til after 6 months with solids because he is doing so well on just mama milk. However, he told us otherwise! After weeks of him grabbing everything off the table, reaching for every bite I put into my mouth...I finally gave in. He is such a happy boy now at dinner time! So far he has only had rice cereal and bananas! But, he LOVES it all! Ava never really liked baby food. Its so funny how different they can be!
This picture below is the whole reason I finally gave in to solids! Ok, so this picture needs an explanation! NO, I am not feeding him a sandwich. lol. He was sitting in the bumbo joining me and Ava for lunch. He decided her sammy looked yummy and so he picked it right up off her plate. I thought it was hysterical, grabbed the camera just in time. However, our flash takes like 10 seconds, so I had to intervene and grab it out of his mouth before he ate it! So, no I am not feeding him a sandwich. And, no he did not get any of it actually in his mouth!! :)

Mr. Independent

They grow so fast don't they??

Singing in the rain...

Just singing in the rain. What a glorious feeling, Im happy again! doodoodoodoo

You can watch the video, just don't call CPS on me! :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

You guys won't believe this!!!

Its now Day 3 of potty training, supposedly the END according to the potty training GURU. I was a skeptic myself. In fact, I think I went into this thinking its not gonna happen, she just isnt ready. I guess it was mommy who wasnt ready because its now almost 5 and not one accident all day! I know I should knock on wood, but even if she did have ONE who cares! Do you know how far we have come? I started from ground zero with this kid! The first two days were stressful, especially with a teething baby on my hands. Day 2 was the worst, since Chris wasnt here. It really helped having a second pair of hands/eyes on her all day the first day. I wanted to come post an update last night...but this would of been all I would have posted...

I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stressed. I thought, no way will she get this in 3 days. My kid is sloooow. This 3 day lady is crazy. What was I thinking? lol You get the point. But, this morning she woke up and immediately asked to go potty. She has told me every single time since. I didnt even use a pull-up for naptime and she woke up dry...FIRST TIME EVER! Its been a great day! To anyone with kids who arent potty trained yet...I highly suggest doing this when it comes time (and the GURU says anyone over 22 months that can communicate, even if they dont talk)! Its a stressful 3 days (2 really for Ava), but worth it in the end. The best part of it all, Ive never seen my daughter so proud of herself. Who knew potty training was a life lesson for success and self-esteem?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Shameless picture post...

Just too cute not to share! Ava @ 4 months and Logan @ 4 months. Both early sitters!

Day One...of Three (potty training)

And what a day it was!! All I have to say is THANK GOD Chris was here to help! Let me start by showing a little bit of our preparation from last week!!

Very excited about our big girl panties!! Plus a pic of all our supplies! (ie "big girl" wipes, "big girl" soap, you get the theme here?"

And of course, the REAL DEAL M&Ms

I must like a challenge, because Im starting this with a fussy/teething 4 month old on my hands too! This is the face Chris and I have seen the most in the last week. If you know Logan, you know this is not his norm. But, who doesn't like a good challenge?

I even took him to the doctor this afternoon he has been so bad (dont worry he got a clean bill of health)...too bad there isnt a prescription for fussiness! But, it was kind of nice to get away from the potty training arena for a little while! Let me give you an idea of how it went today...

830: Everyone is showered, and fed and ready to go! Diapers are thrown away!! bye bye diapers! WE are VERY excited for big girl panties. We dressed her in just her new underwear, and a tshirt.

831: Our first accident. Soaked our first pair of undies, completely missed the toilet. But, she put on a fresh pair and we reminded her to stay dry and to tell us when she had to go.

831-10: 4 pairs of underwear down. All were catching her in the act, and she finished on the potty. Even a little drop gets a sticker and m&m.

10: She tell me she has to go potty, and undies are completely dry!!! YAY, this is easy! hahahahahaha

1015: 2nd dry undies, and again told us she had to go! *me thinks this is too easy!

1030: few drops in undies, few in potty...but she did tell us she had to go!

1040: small accident on daddy, rest in potty 6 pairs down

1050: same thing, down 7 pairs *good thing we bought 20 pairs!

1056: Same thing down 8 (Daddy now heads to walmart for more undies! :))

1111: same thing, but made a TON in the potty!

etc etc...SEE where Im going with this? This went on the entire day, with a few hits and a few misses, but mostly a combo of both. But, our enthusiasm is still there, our morale is high, and praying for a good night! According to the potty training queen, it WILL click with her within the next two days. Im is where our progress ended for the night. She did not go # 2 ALL day, right? Very abnormal for her. Well, we were sitting here watching tv before bed and she hops up "mommy I gotta go potty" we RUN to the bathroom, as she had all 500 times today. At first I thought she was fooling me, but then she said "mommy, I did it!!" And that she did! Our very first poop in the potty. You all can rest very soundly tonight now...or a least I can (I had visions, bad visions of this accident in the middle of the night). She also told me after her bath she had to go, and she did! Which means, she held it instead of going in the tub! All in all, it was a LONG day, and very trying...but it will be worth it if we can be completely diaper free by Thursday!

You think Im crazy dont you??

Thursday, August 28, 2008

PottyTrainingBlues---part deux

We have HIT a milestone! Ava peed in the potty for the first time the other night!!! You would have thought she won the nobel prize or an oscar (although Ive never had a child win a nobel prize, I imagine it ranks up there as proud parental moments along with being able to pee on the potty). We danced, and laughed, and jumped up and down shouting/clapping for a good 5 minutes! She then, with the utmost seriousness, said "mommy I need an m&m now". Oh I love this kid...she has a memory like you would not believe. I told her once that if she went pee on the potty, she would get an m&m. I did not tell her this yesterday, but like months ago!! I wanted the enthusiasm for the potty to continue, so we rush to the kitchen in search of something that just might pass as an m&m (after all, she has never even had one!). I thought to myself...CHOCOLATE CHIPS. Ahhh, but in a deep, pregnant desperation for chocolate I had consumed the last of my chocolate chip stash. But, there were butterscotch chips. Could this work?? She tasted it..."mmmmmmmm, mommy that m&m is yummy. I want another!!" HA, I said "Ava, can have them only for peeing on the potty". So, guess what she did? Thats right, she peed on the potty about 7 more times that night...over and over. Even if it was just a drop, she would look at me with that same excitement as the very first time and would say with utter pride "MOMMY LOOOOOOOOOK, I DID IT!!!!!" "Can I have an M&M now?"

ayayayay. So there is my PTB story # 3

The next morning, we put on her diaper as if the whole m&m saga never even happened. But, could this be the end of PTB stories?? By this time next Thursday, Ava WILL be potty trained and diapers will be a thing of the past! (Do you like my confidence?) Next Tuesday, we are starting the "Potty Train in 3 days" plan etched out by potty training fanatic Lora Jensen. It works for EVERY kid, so that would include Ava right? Sure!! So, Im waiting til Tuesday in hopes that Chris will be home to help with Logan. Lora's directions are that the trainee have your full attention. We also have some preparing to do. Ava and I are going this afternoon to pick out her big girl underwear, some fun activities and little prizes to keep us entertained and motivated, OH...and of course m&ms. The real kind this time, not the "whatever mommy can find in the cupboard kind"! So, wish us luck!! I will keep you posted of course!

Getting organized!

With my pictures that is. Ive had a shutterfly account for a while, but just realized I could host all my pictures there, with my own website for everyone to see! So, Im trying to unload all the photos on my computer, for your (and my) viewing pleasure. I get asked a lot (mainly grandmas :)) for pictures of the kids, well now here is your opportunity. Shutterfly makes it real easy on ya. Open the albums, Click order prints, give them your address, and pay. :) Cheap 9 cents a picture. Its something I need to work really hard on doing, getting all these pictures printed out and into albums. Im WAAAAAAAYYY behind! I have a lot of uploading to do, like 2 years worth. So, I started with the most recent and will work backwards. I dont want to confuse anyone! :) So, if you come here and just can't get enough of these adorable faces...feel free to check it out!!

Look on the top right, where it says Our Pictures. Click that link and you are good to go!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lions and tigers and reindeer in a baby pool?? OH MY

From kids

Yes you read that right!! For those who haven't experienced the Michigan City Zoo in a closely, you may miss it! My mom and I took the kids there last week. Thankfully, it was close and not a ton of money was spent because princess Ava was not a fan. Just like at the fair, she plugged her nose the whole time at the "stinky" animals. We wanted to take her to see the baby Zebra. She talked ALL day (and the day before which is excitement spelled out for a two year old) about seeing the baby zebra. Too bad she was too busy covering her face, in ever so dramatic style, that she didn't even LOOK at the little baby. Don't worry, I took a picture for her scrapbook. Im kickin' myself in the pants for not getting a picture of her plugging her nose. I'll definately have to save this blog for her to read someday!

I thought Id show off some of what the zoo has to offer. Yes, the reindeer IS floating in a baby pool. I bet you won't find THAT exhibit at the San Diego Zoo!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Thats how I roll"

As a parent, there seems to be something new on a daily basis that amazes me with my kids. Im sure this isn't unique to me, more a commonality among all parents. I mean, I know Im not the only one with the cutest, smartest, most advanced kids! :) But, its okay for you to tell me that I am! For instance, yesterday Logan discovered his feet! Grandma had been talking how it will be any day now because he STARES at them and drools, as if he is just thinking and plotting. Sure enough, yesterday he was sitting in her lap with his chunky little fingers wrapped around his toes, trying to figure out the best way to get those in his mouth!

But, that was yesterday. Today, his amazing moment was when we went to the doctor's office for shots. I had kept him up from his nap to take him, so I thought for sure this was NOT going to go smoothly. But, he laid there, his thighs exposed and ready when he just started cracking up at the nurse. Smiling, laughing and blowing raspberries at her. She said, "Logan you can't smile at me like that when Im about to poke you!" But, he didnt care...schmoozing will get you far in life and Logan does it well! It didnt get him out of his shots though. He got one for each chunky little thigh, and didnt even blink an eye. He just kept laughing and blowing bubbles at the nurse. No tears, no frowns, nada. What a tough guy! Meanwhile, Ava is sitting there watching and she now has invisible owies on her thighs, as well as "bandits" (bandaids) to make them feel better! :) I thought this onesie was perfect for the day! Thanks Great Aunt Staci!
Oh and for those keeping track...I snuck lil man on the scale and with clothes/dipe on he was over 17 lbs!! We'll get a more official weigh in at his 4 mo appt in Sept!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Get to know my "little" man...

I know Im hardly a day into blogging, but I can't let another day pass without introducing my favorite little man. For those of you who don't know Logan, let me introduce you! He is seriously the happiest, most chill baby you will ever meet! Thankfully, cause as you can tell from my previous posts...Ava keeps us on the move! He just goes with the flow! (except for when mommy goes to work...but we'll save that story for another day) He is 3 months now, and if you cant tell from the pictures...very healthy! He "scored" off the charts @ 2 months tipping the scales at 15 lbs 11 oz. We love every roll on his body! He is taking after his Mumma uncles, thats for sure! He has a smile that will melt your heart, and eyes so blue they just sparkle! He amazes me everyday with the things he does, that I keep thinking he is WAY too young for! He sits up sturdy in your lap, grabs and reaches for toys already, and he will give you the deepest, most sincere belly laugh you have ever heard! I wish I could keep him like this forever...since I have Ava I know what Im in store for with the toddler years! :) Oh, and as you can tell from this video, he just ADORES his sissy! He can spot her from across the room. I look forward to watching their sibling bond grow over the years!

ps...he isnt too happy about having a PURPLE bumbo hand-me-down! But, these are the things parents do to their kids for laughs! :)

Man, Its good to be a kid!

I remember growing up, and getting to go to McDonald's playland....oh boy what a treat! The 4x4 bin filled with balls! I was in heaven! I think back fondly on those "man, its good to be a kid" days! However, I think that statement has a whole new meaning for my kids! That 4x4 square has turned into a playland full of 8 or so massive bounce houses and slides! I knew from the second we stepped in the front door, Ava is going to LOVE this. For those who dont know her, she is one of the most daring 2 year old girls you will ever meet. At the park, she runs with the big kids, climbs the tallest slide, jumps off any and everything! Before we had even paid our admission, she was off running with excitement. I have to admit, it took everything I had not to wanna just go back to those kid days and jump right along with her! Luckily, there were a few houses that she would get stuck in, so I HAD to climb in and help her. What a blast! This will definately be a part of our winter, need to get of the house, routine. I will still look back on my McDs ball pit memories fondly...but at the same time I cant help but be a little bit jealous!

Dont you want to be a kid again? There were like 8 of these things!

THE WALL: I would take Haley as a climbing partner anyday, so calm and cautious. Ava, on the other hand, that girl will run you over! And she did...but in her defense Haley WAS on HER step.

Ava's Friend Haley...doing her thang!

Taking a break to play with "baby toys"


Oh yeah!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Potty Training Blues

Yes, I have them already and we havent even really started! Ava has little to no interest in actually going on the potty herself. We have introduced this concept to her in various ways here and there, hoping that she would be one of those kids that just decides to do it (as Ava would say) all by herselves. She is a riot, she is! Ive got several funny stories already, which for someone who isnt even potty training yet I could probably publish a book by the time we are done! Like the time she sat on the potty for 45 minutes...yes you read that right! Then calmly told me she would like a diaper on so she could go poop. Doh! And trust me when the girl has her mind set, there's no changing it! But, today after I changed like 6 diapers by noon...I realized that my patience for this is growing thin. Ayayay.

PTB (potty training blues) # 1 : Pretty Pretty Princess

Today we were walking through Kohls, when we passed a display of toddler underwear. OOOOHHHH my 2 year old squeals with glee. "Mommy look! Princess underpants, can I have it?" I decided I would use this little moment here to use a little reverse psychology...aka trick her into wanting to go on the potty. I matter of factly said, "No honey, those are big girl underpants and you can only wear those if you go potty on the big girl potty" She looked upset at first (I swear that bottom lip puckers out as instinct to the word "no"). Then she realized what that meant as she told me "oh yeah mommy I go potty in diaper, not big girl potty". I said, well one day soon you will learn to go on the potty and then you can buy these cool underwear! "Okay mommy, okay". Never has she been so agreeable! So much for my reverse psychology!

PTB # 2: All by yourself

The big phrase around the house is, as you can tell by the title "all by yourself"...or from Ava's mouth "all by myselves". She wants to dress herself, feed herself, climb to the top of the slide herself...basically independence anywhere she can find it...except for the potty. The times she has agreed to sit on the pot, I sit there with her and discuss things like how one day she can go all by herself, and she wont need mommy to change her diaper because she can do it all by herself, etc etc. See where Im going with this? Well today, I had just sat down in the bathroom, when the peanut gallery walked in and sat on the floor. I said "Ava, let mommy go potty by herself (meaning alone)". She looked at me like duh! "Okay mommy", as she continued to sit on the floor. I said "no, honey why dont you go watch tv while I go to the bathroom, I'll be right out." She said "No mommy I see you go all by yourselves, good job!" lol. Yes honey, for about 24 years now!

What the blog is this??

I spend about 90 % of my free time (ie time not spent with the kids) on the internet. You can find me on facebook, myspace, email, and even a mommy message board. Yeah, that doesn't sound as cool written down. But, nonetheless, I am adding to my online obsession...blogger. I love to share pictures of my kids, brag about my kids, and complain about my kids. I thought I would start a space that I could do that all in one spot! I have no idea why, for someone who spends so much time online like myself, it has taken so long to venture over to blogspot. But, Im here and I hope you enjoy getting to know or catching up with my family!

Oh and I bet what you are anxiously awaiting to find out what I do with the other 10% of my freetime....SLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPP!!!