Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day One...of Three (potty training)

And what a day it was!! All I have to say is THANK GOD Chris was here to help! Let me start by showing a little bit of our preparation from last week!!

Very excited about our big girl panties!! Plus a pic of all our supplies! (ie "big girl" wipes, "big girl" soap, you get the theme here?"

And of course, the REAL DEAL M&Ms

I must like a challenge, because Im starting this with a fussy/teething 4 month old on my hands too! This is the face Chris and I have seen the most in the last week. If you know Logan, you know this is not his norm. But, who doesn't like a good challenge?

I even took him to the doctor this afternoon he has been so bad (dont worry he got a clean bill of health)...too bad there isnt a prescription for fussiness! But, it was kind of nice to get away from the potty training arena for a little while! Let me give you an idea of how it went today...

830: Everyone is showered, and fed and ready to go! Diapers are thrown away!! bye bye diapers! WE are VERY excited for big girl panties. We dressed her in just her new underwear, and a tshirt.

831: Our first accident. Soaked our first pair of undies, completely missed the toilet. But, she put on a fresh pair and we reminded her to stay dry and to tell us when she had to go.

831-10: 4 pairs of underwear down. All were catching her in the act, and she finished on the potty. Even a little drop gets a sticker and m&m.

10: She tell me she has to go potty, and undies are completely dry!!! YAY, this is easy! hahahahahaha

1015: 2nd dry undies, and again told us she had to go! *me thinks this is too easy!

1030: few drops in undies, few in potty...but she did tell us she had to go!

1040: small accident on daddy, rest in potty 6 pairs down

1050: same thing, down 7 pairs *good thing we bought 20 pairs!

1056: Same thing down 8 (Daddy now heads to walmart for more undies! :))

1111: same thing, but made a TON in the potty!

etc etc...SEE where Im going with this? This went on the entire day, with a few hits and a few misses, but mostly a combo of both. But, our enthusiasm is still there, our morale is high, and praying for a good night! According to the potty training queen, it WILL click with her within the next two days. Im hopeful...here is where our progress ended for the night. She did not go # 2 ALL day, right? Very abnormal for her. Well, we were sitting here watching tv before bed and she hops up "mommy I gotta go potty"...so we RUN to the bathroom, as she had all 500 times today. At first I thought she was fooling me, but then she said "mommy, I did it!!" And that she did! Our very first poop in the potty. You all can rest very soundly tonight now...or a least I can (I had visions, bad visions of this accident in the middle of the night). She also told me after her bath she had to go, and she did! Which means, she held it instead of going in the tub! All in all, it was a LONG day, and very trying...but it will be worth it if we can be completely diaper free by Thursday!

You think Im crazy dont you??


Kelley said...

Yes, Laura, I think you are CRAZY! I was thinking of trying this, but 20 pairs of undies?! Jon would DEFINITELY need to take the weekend off of call. Good for you guys, though! Yay, Ava!

Annie (laughterqueen) said...

I don't think you are crazy..you are my hero!! :) One day I'm going to brave it up and do this. I just have to mentally prepare MYSELF (that's right, me not Kate. Hee-hee). YEAH AVA!!!!

The Bischoff's said...

She sounds like she is doing awesome so far! I am going to start trying this 3 day thing next week. What kind of "treats" did you get for her?