Thursday, August 28, 2008

Getting organized!

With my pictures that is. Ive had a shutterfly account for a while, but just realized I could host all my pictures there, with my own website for everyone to see! So, Im trying to unload all the photos on my computer, for your (and my) viewing pleasure. I get asked a lot (mainly grandmas :)) for pictures of the kids, well now here is your opportunity. Shutterfly makes it real easy on ya. Open the albums, Click order prints, give them your address, and pay. :) Cheap 9 cents a picture. Its something I need to work really hard on doing, getting all these pictures printed out and into albums. Im WAAAAAAAYYY behind! I have a lot of uploading to do, like 2 years worth. So, I started with the most recent and will work backwards. I dont want to confuse anyone! :) So, if you come here and just can't get enough of these adorable faces...feel free to check it out!!

Look on the top right, where it says Our Pictures. Click that link and you are good to go!

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