Friday, October 3, 2008

I think we may be in trouble!

Little stinker just turned 5 months! His sitting is now perfected, so he thought he'd move on to standing! He got so mad at me when I sat him back down. He wanted right back up but couldnt figure out how to pull himself up yet, so he just yelled at me til I stood him back up! lol. He is very mobile on the floor, but no crawling quite yet. CLOSE though, very close. Chris and I both think it will be a matter of weeks. His sissy was walking before she even turned 9 months. I think he may be following suit!

Logan also started getting very interested in eating when we were eating dinner. I wanted to hold off til after 6 months with solids because he is doing so well on just mama milk. However, he told us otherwise! After weeks of him grabbing everything off the table, reaching for every bite I put into my mouth...I finally gave in. He is such a happy boy now at dinner time! So far he has only had rice cereal and bananas! But, he LOVES it all! Ava never really liked baby food. Its so funny how different they can be!
This picture below is the whole reason I finally gave in to solids! Ok, so this picture needs an explanation! NO, I am not feeding him a sandwich. lol. He was sitting in the bumbo joining me and Ava for lunch. He decided her sammy looked yummy and so he picked it right up off her plate. I thought it was hysterical, grabbed the camera just in time. However, our flash takes like 10 seconds, so I had to intervene and grab it out of his mouth before he ate it! So, no I am not feeding him a sandwich. And, no he did not get any of it actually in his mouth!! :)

Mr. Independent

They grow so fast don't they??

Singing in the rain...

Just singing in the rain. What a glorious feeling, Im happy again! doodoodoodoo

You can watch the video, just don't call CPS on me! :)