Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lions and tigers and reindeer in a baby pool?? OH MY

From kids

Yes you read that right!! For those who haven't experienced the Michigan City Zoo in a closely, you may miss it! My mom and I took the kids there last week. Thankfully, it was close and not a ton of money was spent because princess Ava was not a fan. Just like at the fair, she plugged her nose the whole time at the "stinky" animals. We wanted to take her to see the baby Zebra. She talked ALL day (and the day before which is excitement spelled out for a two year old) about seeing the baby zebra. Too bad she was too busy covering her face, in ever so dramatic style, that she didn't even LOOK at the little baby. Don't worry, I took a picture for her scrapbook. Im kickin' myself in the pants for not getting a picture of her plugging her nose. I'll definately have to save this blog for her to read someday!

I thought Id show off some of what the zoo has to offer. Yes, the reindeer IS floating in a baby pool. I bet you won't find THAT exhibit at the San Diego Zoo!

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Maddy's Mommy said...

How funny! Sounds like Ava is a girly girl. Can't say I ever thought I'd see a reindeer in a baby pool!