Thursday, August 7, 2008

Man, Its good to be a kid!

I remember growing up, and getting to go to McDonald's playland....oh boy what a treat! The 4x4 bin filled with balls! I was in heaven! I think back fondly on those "man, its good to be a kid" days! However, I think that statement has a whole new meaning for my kids! That 4x4 square has turned into a playland full of 8 or so massive bounce houses and slides! I knew from the second we stepped in the front door, Ava is going to LOVE this. For those who dont know her, she is one of the most daring 2 year old girls you will ever meet. At the park, she runs with the big kids, climbs the tallest slide, jumps off any and everything! Before we had even paid our admission, she was off running with excitement. I have to admit, it took everything I had not to wanna just go back to those kid days and jump right along with her! Luckily, there were a few houses that she would get stuck in, so I HAD to climb in and help her. What a blast! This will definately be a part of our winter, need to get of the house, routine. I will still look back on my McDs ball pit memories fondly...but at the same time I cant help but be a little bit jealous!

Dont you want to be a kid again? There were like 8 of these things!

THE WALL: I would take Haley as a climbing partner anyday, so calm and cautious. Ava, on the other hand, that girl will run you over! And she did...but in her defense Haley WAS on HER step.

Ava's Friend Haley...doing her thang!

Taking a break to play with "baby toys"


Oh yeah!

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