Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Potty Training Blues

Yes, I have them already and we havent even really started! Ava has little to no interest in actually going on the potty herself. We have introduced this concept to her in various ways here and there, hoping that she would be one of those kids that just decides to do it (as Ava would say) all by herselves. She is a riot, she is! Ive got several funny stories already, which for someone who isnt even potty training yet I could probably publish a book by the time we are done! Like the time she sat on the potty for 45 minutes...yes you read that right! Then calmly told me she would like a diaper on so she could go poop. Doh! And trust me when the girl has her mind set, there's no changing it! But, today after I changed like 6 diapers by noon...I realized that my patience for this is growing thin. Ayayay.

PTB (potty training blues) # 1 : Pretty Pretty Princess

Today we were walking through Kohls, when we passed a display of toddler underwear. OOOOHHHH my 2 year old squeals with glee. "Mommy look! Princess underpants, can I have it?" I decided I would use this little moment here to use a little reverse psychology...aka trick her into wanting to go on the potty. I matter of factly said, "No honey, those are big girl underpants and you can only wear those if you go potty on the big girl potty" She looked upset at first (I swear that bottom lip puckers out as instinct to the word "no"). Then she realized what that meant as she told me "oh yeah mommy I go potty in diaper, not big girl potty". I said, well one day soon you will learn to go on the potty and then you can buy these cool underwear! "Okay mommy, okay". Never has she been so agreeable! So much for my reverse psychology!

PTB # 2: All by yourself

The big phrase around the house is, as you can tell by the title "all by yourself"...or from Ava's mouth "all by myselves". She wants to dress herself, feed herself, climb to the top of the slide herself...basically independence anywhere she can find it...except for the potty. The times she has agreed to sit on the pot, I sit there with her and discuss things like how one day she can go all by herself, and she wont need mommy to change her diaper because she can do it all by herself, etc etc. See where Im going with this? Well today, I had just sat down in the bathroom, when the peanut gallery walked in and sat on the floor. I said "Ava, let mommy go potty by herself (meaning alone)". She looked at me like duh! "Okay mommy", as she continued to sit on the floor. I said "no, honey why dont you go watch tv while I go to the bathroom, I'll be right out." She said "No mommy I see you go all by yourselves, good job!" lol. Yes honey, for about 24 years now!

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Holly said...

Cute blog, Laura! I'll have to send you an invite to our blog "The Daly boys" so you can keep up with our little guys :) I love blogging b/c it's like keeping an ongoing scrapbook of their lives :)