Monday, December 22, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hearing ourselves talk

Have you ever seen that commercial where the mom is driving, and starts yelling at another driver. The camera pans to the toddler in the backseat watching the mom and soaking it all in and the narrator says something like "how would you react if you were being recorded 24 hours a day?" Well, this is the story of my life. Not that Im THAT mom (although I can't exactly deny it at times either), but that is most definately my child! It was very disturbing the first time I really heard "my voice" come out through Ava. Hearing her yell "AAAAAHHHHHHH" loudly in frustration over something silly. Or "LEAVE ME ALONE, GET OUTTA HERE" to Phil. Or "Stop it RIGHT NOW, Logan. I mean it." Or (and this one gets me everytime)..."DONT TALK TO ME LIKE THAT" to me when I tell her no. She'll say things with the same infliction of anger/frustration that I at times catch myself doing. IT really is like being recorded 24 hours a day, and then having someone play that video back to you. Raising a toddler is interesting, to say the least. I know, I only gets worse from here. lol
Its not always a bad thing though, which is what I really wanted to share with this post. I have learned through Ava, that there is a lot of love and nurturing going on in this house. One night last week, both kids had an absolute terrible night. Ava is getting her 2 yr molars in, and this particular night she was in a lot of pain and was up most of the night. I heard Logan stirring around 4 am, which is not a normal time for him to wake up. I was just going to leave him be, knowing he would fall back asleep. Although, I did worry he would wake Ava up. Well, not that she was even sleeping. Not two minutes after he started fussing, I heard her on the monitor...HIS monitor. I knew this was really going to wake him up and he'd want to play instead of sleep. But, I just had to sit there and listen to her for a few minutes. Here is a little snippet of her convo:

Hey buddy! Whats the matter? Why you crying?? Did you lose your paci? I'll get it for you. There you go, is that all better? (meanwhile he is now laughing). Want me to give you hug? Ok let me go get my stool. (she leaves the room, he starts crying...she comes back a second later with her stool.) Oh honey, dont cry. Whats wrong? Honey, now now dont cry. Shhhhh. (he starts laughing). There you go honey. You're so handsome, honey. Such a handsome boy. Time to go to sleep now though ok?? Its still dark out. Its 3 in the morning and time for bed (my EXACT words I said to her just right before this lol). Mommy will get mad, ok? Goodnight sweetheart. Dont cry honey. Dont cry.

Its so funny to hear her say the same things I would to him, or would say to her in the situation. She says stuff like this every morning too or after naps when we go get him out of bed. Hey handsome. Good morning sweetheart. Or when I change his diaper...lay still baby, lay still. Monkey see, monkey do (or say) has taken on a whole new meaning since I became a parent. Everytime I hear her sound like myself or react like I would when Im mad/frustrated, it stops me in my tracks. Im just thankful that in my house, the good and the loving outweigh the rest! Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving, and enjoy the upcoming holidays! Check the shutterfly website (top right link) for recent pictures. Here are a few of my favorites: