Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"Thats how I roll"

As a parent, there seems to be something new on a daily basis that amazes me with my kids. Im sure this isn't unique to me, more a commonality among all parents. I mean, I know Im not the only one with the cutest, smartest, most advanced kids! :) But, its okay for you to tell me that I am! For instance, yesterday Logan discovered his feet! Grandma had been talking how it will be any day now because he STARES at them and drools, as if he is just thinking and plotting. Sure enough, yesterday he was sitting in her lap with his chunky little fingers wrapped around his toes, trying to figure out the best way to get those in his mouth!

But, that was yesterday. Today, his amazing moment was when we went to the doctor's office for shots. I had kept him up from his nap to take him, so I thought for sure this was NOT going to go smoothly. But, he laid there, his thighs exposed and ready when he just started cracking up at the nurse. Smiling, laughing and blowing raspberries at her. She said, "Logan you can't smile at me like that when Im about to poke you!" But, he didnt care...schmoozing will get you far in life and Logan does it well! It didnt get him out of his shots though. He got one for each chunky little thigh, and didnt even blink an eye. He just kept laughing and blowing bubbles at the nurse. No tears, no frowns, nada. What a tough guy! Meanwhile, Ava is sitting there watching and she now has invisible owies on her thighs, as well as "bandits" (bandaids) to make them feel better! :) I thought this onesie was perfect for the day! Thanks Great Aunt Staci!
Oh and for those keeping track...I snuck lil man on the scale and with clothes/dipe on he was over 17 lbs!! We'll get a more official weigh in at his 4 mo appt in Sept!


Annie (laughterqueen) said...

Wow...Mr Logan is QUITE a trooper! What a brave little man! And what a chunker too! I think Kate weighed 17lbs at maybe one year. LOL!!!

Holly said...

17 lbs!! Big boy! Mine are just about 14 1/2 and 14 right now and they are 4 months old already! They have their 4 mo. shots on Tuesday and I'm not looking forward to it... lets hope they do as well as Logan.