Monday, February 23, 2009

Doctor appts!

Last week (or was it the week before?? lol) I took both kiddos to the doctor for their well-child exams! Ava's THREE yr appt (gasp) and Logan's 9 month appt, as well as his pre-surgery physical. Ava certainly impressed the doctor with her verbal skills, as she talked NON-STOP during the visit. Logan impressed the doctor with his eating skills and his motor skills, as he walked around (with my help of course) eating cheerios the whole visit. Both kids got a clean bill of health! Both are growing (at their own pace) right on track!

Ava's 3 yr stats: 29 lbs (25th%) and 36.5 in (45%)

Logan's 9 mo stats: 20.5 lbs (50th %) and 29 1/2 in (80th%)

Logan actually lost some weight since his 6 mo appt, probably because he has been moving non-stop since then! Doc thinks he is gonna be a lean, tall, eating machine. Maybe following in his Mumma uncles footsteps! He really is losing that baby look! :( Im sad about it, Chris is happy about it! He is more of a toddler person and Im MUCH more of a baby person! Its so amazing to watch your kids grow, definately bittersweet for me though! Here is a picture I took of him last week! Red nose and all, he had a little cold at the time! Also, note the fingers in the mouth! His top two teeth came through, making a total of 4 now! He has his surgery next Monday, so thoughts and prayers would be much appreciated! I know God will watch over him, but the mama in me can't help but be nervous! After I took this picture of Logan sitting in the chair like a big boy...Ava wanted to sit in the chair to show how big she is too! I need to post a new Ava-isms post. Ive got some doozy's from the last few weeks!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Logan: Our human garbage disposal

Ava has had the attention the last few posts, so today's nap time I'd like to dedicate to Logan, the human garbage disposal! My mom text me one morning as she is feeding him breakfast, "does he have a stop button"? I admit, Ive looked for one. The downside to this eating the ripe age of 9 months, he is already trying to eat us out of house and home. The teenage years are not looking pretty for my grocery bill!!

The plus side...he has a sister who eats like a bird! But don't worry...that food no longer goes to waste! I no longer get mad because I made her a grilled cheese that she took one bite off. Logan will eat it. I no longer get upset that I opened an entire can of peaches for her that went untouched. Logan will eat it. I CAN order her meals again when we go out to eat, because now I know what she doesn't touch, Logan will. Money not wasted. :) Left over pepperonis or half eaten containers of green beans that no longer have a place in the refrigerator? Don't worry, Logan will eat them. Cheese or yogurt that will expire in 2 days? No rush...Logan will eat it. Aside from the bottle filled with Pepsi, and the fried chicken he eats every night before drifting off to sleep...I don't foresee a trip to Maury Povich anytime soon. His rolls are trimming down, his face is getting leaner. I hate to say it but he is looking more and more like that active T word (toddler) than he is my sweet, chubby little baby! We go next week for his 9 mo and Ava's 3 yr (gasp) check-up. I'll be able to give a more accurate weight for my "little" guy. Speaking of toddling, he is getting closer and closer to walking. He loves his walker toy, and he loves to walk around the room holding your hands. He even gets brave at times and even tries it one-handed! We'll see...but, I have a feeling it won't be long!

I thought since the topic was about food, Id share some of the little man eating. The first two are of him eating blueberries. The pictures don't even do justice to the mess he made! He LOVES him some blueberries though!

The next two pictures I thought were pretty funny. Logan's favorite pastime lately...playing in the cupboards! I think he is looking for a snack, or planning his next meal! (check out all that snow through the window---blech). Then lastly, we are thinking about entering him in a chugging contest! haha. He puts his whole self into his drinking...then throws his cup when he is done. Typical male! :)

I know that every baby does "so big"...but its still sooo stinkin cute!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ava-isms: Part One

We do this weekly "kids say the darndest things" post on a mommy forum I belong too. Its hysterical the things they come up with at this age. Ava has me laughing on a daily basis with some of the things she says. I wanted to start keeping track of them, and maybe some of you will find some entertainment in them as well! So, Id like to start a weekly post here too!

1. Everyone that walked into the room was a doctor. Didnt matter if it was housekeeping, the nurse, an actual doctor...they were ALL doctors. Anytime Id leave and come back she'd have another gift (she was 1 of maybe 3 pts on the floor and she was the only little one). Id say, who brought you that? She'd say the same thing everytime..."the doctor got me this" hahaha "the doctor brought me more apple juice", "the doctor made my bed", etc etc

2. In the ambulance...I had to sit up front, so she was sitting in the back by herself with the paramedic. I could hear the guy talking to her, but couldnt really hear their conversation. All of a sudden he comes up front by us and the driver asks him what he is doing. He said he was trying to entertain her by asking her questions and she turned to him seriously and said..."Im just going to close my eyes right now. No more talking." so, he turned the lights off and came up front. lol

3. So, then we get to the hospital and she came alive again and started talking nonstop. "Is this the hostital?" (hospital) "Are we going on the alligator? (elevator) Is that guy sick like me?? She yelled REAL loud, "Pooh, pooh, pooh, poohs on the floor". (we were all thinking she is talking about poo on the floor) Ava said "no, you silly, dare's pooh right dare on da fwoor." Sure enough, there was a huge winnie the pooh sitting right there! No, you silly!

4. My cynical little girl. Whenever we are watching tv, if she sees something not "real" she will let us know. "barney isnt real, dinosaurs cant talk, monsters dont talk"...etc. We were at dinner last week and my brother points to a dog that she is coloring and asks her what a doggie says. She turns to him all seriously and says..."Dogs cant talk!"...DUH! hahaha

5. She got so sick of me asking how she was feeling, one time she was laying in bed and it looked like she was gonna get sick. I asked her if she was gonna throw up and she said "Dont say that to me ANYMORE mom." I maybe was being a tad overbearing!

More to come...nap time is officially over! :(

Ava's hospital adventure

As most of you know, Ava spent a few days in the hospital last week. I know that the normal course of a blog is that I would have posted about it as it was happening, along with updates so you knew what was going on. But, I guess we got too caught up in a sick child and a 9 month old at home. Im sure you understand. At any rate, I still wanted to document this event for myself, for Ava, and for anyone curious. So, here’s what happened:

Ava started having belly aches, stopped eating food, and having some intermittent diarrhea on Sunday. It was nothing intense, but I knew she wasn’t feeling right. Thursday, she woke up as usual. Ventured over to our room, drank her FULL sippy of milk, then proceeded to throw it up all over my bed! Poor thing, was so sick after that. All day Thursday, she would just moan and cry in pain. Anything she ate or drank, came out one way or another. I called the peds and they told me there was a stomach bug going around, just try and keep her hydrated. So…I did. Friday, was pretty much the same, although she seemed maybe a touch better. After talking with the peds office again, I was convinced it was just a stomach bug and to just try and wait it out, I even went to work. What really bothered us about this though, was she would have these periods of extreme pain. It would jolt her off the couch, eyes bulging out of her head type of pain. Finally, Saturday…I had just gotten home from work and she seemed to be doing a little better. She was thirsty and drinking, which I thought was an excellent sign of improvement. I went to sleep, and not even two hours later Chris came to wake me up. He said he was taking Ava to the ER. She was SCREAMING in pain, and wouldn’t stop. She couldn’t be consoled, she didn’t want to be touched, nothing. Now I was worried that this was more than just a stomach bug. I ended up taking her to the ER myself.

After throwing up (her not me) in the doorway to the ER and no one even offering me a paper towel, Ava screaming in my lap, people talking about having been there for 3 hrs already…I had contemplated leaving. Im glad I didn’t. Thanks to a sympathetic mom/nurse, Ava got taken back right away. They started an IV on her, and drew labs. Her blood work showed that she was severely dehydrated! We were there for 8 hrs. Even after IV fluids, she still would not drink (the girl had learned that if she drank, she puked). So, they had no choice but to admit her. Portage does not have a peds unit, so we got the lovely experience of being transferred by ambulance to Porter Memorial (in Valpo).

Ava was amazing. I saw so much strength and courage in my own child. As awful of a situation as it was, I could not have been more proud of her. I figured she would be real withdrawn and scared of all the things they were doing to her, and all the people messing with her and talking to her. But, she was so brave! She didn’t seem to mind or mess with her IV, which I thought was a miracle for a 2 (almost 3) year old! I figured it would be terrifying riding in an ambulance for her. I couldn’t even ride in the back with her, I had to sit up front in the passenger seat. But, she didn’t even cry. I kept yelling in the back…”are you okay Ava?”…and Id hear this sweet little voice say…”yeah mommy, Im okay”. I figured it might be a little intimidating being wheeled into a hospital, but she had perked up and was talking nonstop “is that guy sick mommy?, is that the alligator (elevator), is that my room?, what’s that on the wall?” etc etc. I figured she would be scared to sleep somewhere other than her bed. We brought as many of her things from her bed at home to help make her comfortable. Im not sure she even noticed! She crawled into bed and was asleep within seconds! She barely even woke up for the doctor! She slept great (at night) the whole time we were there. She made herself at home, in fact she cried when she finally (3 days later) had to leave! By morning, she was wheeling her own IV down the hall to the playroom. She was spoiled by everyone! She was the only little one on the floor, and there were maybe 3 patients total as it was. Everytime I turned around, she had another present. Id say, where did you get that? She’d say the same thing every time…”the doctor got me that”. Everyone was a doctor. It didn’t matter if it was the nurse, the aid, the actual doctor, the housekeeper…they were all doctors. Lol I knew she was a brave little girl (she is the one that climbs the tallest slide at the park, jumps off the highest step, etc). But, she really showed her strength through this experience. I am so proud of her!

Her diagnosis: Thankfully, in the end it really was just a nasty stomach bug (and thankfully no one else in the house got it!). Her labs came back positive for rotavirus, which is super common in kids. She definitely got a nasty version of it, though! I say thankfully it was a stomach bug, because the doctors were initially concerned it was more than that. Her symptoms weren’t typical of a stomach bug. She has never been sick like that, in fact this was the first time she has really thrown up. The pain episodes she was having made us all suspicious of an intestinal blockage. Eating or drinking the tiniest amount caused her so much pain. They were going to do x-rays and barium enema study to rule out intessuception (where the bowel collapses on itself). But, thankfully, we never had to do that. Her pain episodes ceased, and she stopped throwing up. It took her 3 days before she would start drinking again, and because she was so dehydrated they couldn’t release her until then. On day 3, I told the doctor that I felt like her not drinking was due more to her being a toddler, than that it was causing her pain. She was sick of water and sick of apple juice, and most importantly sick of me trying to force them on her!! She wanted her milk and that was that. There was no persuading her otherwise. So, the doctor let her try a little milk, and sure enough she chugged it, begging for more. We were finally able to bring her home late Monday night. Thank you to everyone for all your prayers for our little girl! Its now over a week later, and we are still adjusting to life outside the hospital. As I said, she cried when she left. Ava just asked me what I was doing…I said I am writing all about your hospital trip. She said, “oh yes, it was very good.” So good to know she isn’t damaged from all of this! :)

Turn up your speakers...I thought the dramatic music was perfect for my drama queen! :)
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