Friday, March 6, 2009

Logan's surgery

Logan had his hypospadias repair on Monday at Children's Memorial in Chicago. It could not have gone any better! It is such an awful feeling knowing your baby has to go under general anesthesia, but he did (and continues to do) amazing! We got there first thing in the morning, 730 am. I had woken him up at 330 am so he could nurse one last time. Knowing how much my little man eats, I thought being NPO was going to be so hard on him. But, he did great right up until it was time for him to head back to surgery. He crawled around in his gown, played peek-a-boo with the doctors and nurses outside his sliding glass door. He found his EMPTY sippy in my purse, which was enough to break my heart! He kept trying to shake it, then take a drink, then shake, then drink. Of course there was nothing in it. :( It was so hard to let them take him back! I thought I would be able to go back with him until he was asleep, but the anesthesiologist said he would be asleep within 2 min of leaving me, so its best if he just carries him back. UGH that was hard. But, Logan didnt cry, which made it easier. He just stared at the doc, holding his frog and sucked away on his paci. They put him under general, and also did a caudal block, which is like an epidural for pain control after the surgery. I couldnt believe how well he did!

They finished the surgery sometime around 11. The doctor came to talk to us for maybe 10 minutes, then we got to go see him in recovery right away. He was already WIDE awake and he had chugged down 4 oz of juice! He nursed right away and did so well they only kept us back there for a few minutes. We waited maybe another hour for his discharge instructions and prescriptions and just like that, we were on our way home! He didnt even snooze on the ride home. He took his normal nap and went to bed just like normal. He hasn't even been overly fussy, which is something we were definately trying to prepare ourselves for! Kids are amazing and so resilient! He was a little bummed today, after I took his dressing off. He seemed a little pissed off at me, but honestly thats the most change Ive seen in him ALL week! What a relief this has been! I keep waiting for the ball to drop and things to change. But, overall we are very thankful this is over with and that he has been holding up so well! What a trooper!

Mommy and Logan before Surgery

Playing peek-a-boo with the doctors and nurses

He found the empty sippy! :(

Trying to escape!!

AFTER surgery, still clinging to frog

Daddy and Logan after surgery
Grammy and Logan
Here he is later that day, 6 hours after surgery!!