Thursday, October 8, 2009

Counting the ways my kids are AWESOME!

I think most parents have that innate ego that their kid's are the best, cutest, strongest, talented, etc...even when maybe they aren't so much. lol Well, I am no exception. Id like to share a random list of how awesome my kids are, if not only to prove to them when they are older that I DID remember to write some things down in their baby book (both are mostly empty at the moment---a lot like my keeping up with this blog :)).


A few different times now that I have picked her up from preschool, one of her teachers walks her out to the car and just completely dotes on her..."Ava is such a good girl, she listens so well, she is just so adorable I could eat her (please don't), she is just so much fun I just wanna take her home (we can maybe schedule that)", etc. I feel myself blush a little when I hear how awesome someone else thinks MY child is, and a little proud to hear that she listens so well to other adults. She IS pretty awesome.

The fact that she came up with "What in tarnation?" all on her own.

She is already starting to refer to her daddy as "father". Perhaps one of my favorites. Our random conversation at breakfast the other day..."Mommy, remember when father bought me a train for the Christmas tree." And last night before bed, "I wish father were here."

She has no fear. Something that as a mother I wish she had a LITTLE bit of, but it still proves her awesomeness. She was the 1 yr old, climbing the highest slide by herself at the park. She is the 3 yo gymnast who does flips on the bar, with praise from her gymnastic teacher about being fearless. She is the preschooler, who asks her mommy to drop her off at the curb. She wants to walk in all by herself. She is Miss Independent, that's for sure!

I love the way she can walk into a room and make friends with everyone there! She LOVES to socialize, and is always trying to plan out our day. I love that she is so outgoing! She takes after her father on that one!

Always says at random times of the day, "I love you mommy". "Logan, I love you" or "I love daddy/father." "I love grammy/grandpa", etc. She is a very thoughtful little girl, full of love. Basically, she is awesome!


Started saying daddy right around a year, maybe even earlier (told you Im not good at writing this stuff down). Said mommy right around 16 months, also about the same time he started saying daggy instead of daddy. I LOVE IT!

Has no problem tackling his sissy in a tutu or princess dress (see picture below).

He will try to repeat just about everything you say, and if he doesn't he just as if to laugh at you for even suggesting he say that! (I know what you are thinking, age appropriate right? Well if you heard him say elmo you'd understand! His voice deepens, and he puts special emphasis on the oooo. I'll have to post a video of all his words. I know its something all kids do, but watching a baby learn to talk is just plain awesome!

Has been known to climb on top the counters, the highchair, back of the toilet, back of the couch, back of the chair...he climbs so much, I'm pretty sure he is part monkey...or maybe that's just "all boy".

When he does climb on something he shouldn't, I know this because its always followed by him saying "tada"! I have turned around after hearing "tada" only to find him standing on the top slat of the kitchen chair, on top of his highchair tray, and standing on the back of the toilet while I was in the shower! He is for sure going to give me a heart attack! "Tada" also means, "I just put ketchup in my hair", "I just put ketchup in sissy's hair", "I climbed on top of the bathroom counter and knocked down all of mommy's makeup, and now I'm wearing it", etc. Basically, "tada" is like "uhoh" only 1000 times worse. haha

He is very sweet and caring. After watching my friend Mary with her baby, he now will sit and rock a baby doll in his elmo chair and "burp" the baby. He loves babies! One good thing about him being around so many girls, he is gonna be an AWESOME boyfriend and one day husband and father. Yes, I can tell this at only 17 months. As wild and crazy as he can be, he has such a gentle soul. Basically, he is awesome!

Stay tuned to vote for my awesome kids, after I enter them in the gap kids casting call! Its not that I think my kids are the cutest kids ever and will hands down win, its that they have no clothes that fit them and there is a 1000 dollar shopping spree on the line. So please, even if you don't think they are cute, come back and vote for them, so that they might have clothes to keep them warm in the winter! :) Thanks for reading!

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