Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Babysteps Photography, Lesson 1: The On/off button

Here is what I have learned so far: I won't learn anything unless I turn the camera on! I started out reading all these "learn how" websites (which I will continue to do knowing me), only turning the camera on to see how the heck everything actually applied to my camera. And, I'm pretty sure the manual is written in a foreign language. :) I have learned a good lesson so far, the manual and the websites won't do me any good unless I just turn the camera on and start snapping away! So I did! And my husband has participated as well (I will admit a bit of jealousy cause he seems to know a lot more than I do and his pictures look better than mine!) Bear with me, as I just uploaded over 400 pictures to my computer!!! We have had a great couple of weeks to capture--The Great LaPorte County Fair and even a little mini family getaway for a friend's wedding. Here is a sweet pic of my little man (courtesy of Images.by.Chris) to keep you entertained while I make my way through editing the other 400 some pictures! :) MMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmm, ice cream!

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