Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Gap casting call update...

So I did it. I shamelessly entered my kids in the gap casting call. Maybe one of those 20 amazing, awesome, beautiful/handsome, intelligent (just in case they read this) panelists will somehow (out of the billions of entries and cuteness overload) come across one of my children's photos. I mean if they actually look at them, how can they not pick them (other than *Ava's eye photo--whoops)? I won't solicit votes though. I mean, you can if you want...but I do encourage you to enter your own children!! And then if your child wins you have to take me on your trip to Las Vegas! :) The votes go towards the "fan favorite", which is not the same as being a finalist (those lovely panelists pick those)!

So, I thought it would be fun to vote, however I went to see the top voted kids...and they have like 20,000 votes! Are you kidding me? The top two are brother and sister, and let me tell you...those were SOLICITED votes. lol I mean they are cute kids, but uh, yeah not 20K votes worth. So anywho, I dont know 20,000 people, and it would take a lot more than the 5 blog stalkers I have to vote every day to even come close to that! I will still post the link so you can see which photos I submitted. I realized how bad I have been with taking pictures lately!! I need to get on that!! I need to get on a lot of going and getting Logan out of his crib right now cause all I here is "momma din, DIIIIN, DIIIIIIIIIN MAMAMAMAMA" *din=Done :)

If you click "see all entries by ldilley" you can see the others. I also had to submit one under Chris's name because I didn't resize one of Ava's photo *ie the EYE, and all it did was post a picture of her eye. Gee, maybe we'll win on most artistic photo! :)

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