Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Logan: Our human garbage disposal

Ava has had the attention the last few posts, so today's nap time I'd like to dedicate to Logan, the human garbage disposal! My mom text me one morning as she is feeding him breakfast, "does he have a stop button"? I admit, Ive looked for one. The downside to this eating the ripe age of 9 months, he is already trying to eat us out of house and home. The teenage years are not looking pretty for my grocery bill!!

The plus side...he has a sister who eats like a bird! But don't worry...that food no longer goes to waste! I no longer get mad because I made her a grilled cheese that she took one bite off. Logan will eat it. I no longer get upset that I opened an entire can of peaches for her that went untouched. Logan will eat it. I CAN order her meals again when we go out to eat, because now I know what she doesn't touch, Logan will. Money not wasted. :) Left over pepperonis or half eaten containers of green beans that no longer have a place in the refrigerator? Don't worry, Logan will eat them. Cheese or yogurt that will expire in 2 days? No rush...Logan will eat it. Aside from the bottle filled with Pepsi, and the fried chicken he eats every night before drifting off to sleep...I don't foresee a trip to Maury Povich anytime soon. His rolls are trimming down, his face is getting leaner. I hate to say it but he is looking more and more like that active T word (toddler) than he is my sweet, chubby little baby! We go next week for his 9 mo and Ava's 3 yr (gasp) check-up. I'll be able to give a more accurate weight for my "little" guy. Speaking of toddling, he is getting closer and closer to walking. He loves his walker toy, and he loves to walk around the room holding your hands. He even gets brave at times and even tries it one-handed! We'll see...but, I have a feeling it won't be long!

I thought since the topic was about food, Id share some of the little man eating. The first two are of him eating blueberries. The pictures don't even do justice to the mess he made! He LOVES him some blueberries though!

The next two pictures I thought were pretty funny. Logan's favorite pastime lately...playing in the cupboards! I think he is looking for a snack, or planning his next meal! (check out all that snow through the window---blech). Then lastly, we are thinking about entering him in a chugging contest! haha. He puts his whole self into his drinking...then throws his cup when he is done. Typical male! :)

I know that every baby does "so big"...but its still sooo stinkin cute!


amandatonagel said...

That reminds me so much of Sawyer. I hated it when he started slimming down. It meant the end of the "baby" phase.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad he likes to eat then I know I'll always have someone to cook for- love grammy