Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ava-isms: Part One

We do this weekly "kids say the darndest things" post on a mommy forum I belong too. Its hysterical the things they come up with at this age. Ava has me laughing on a daily basis with some of the things she says. I wanted to start keeping track of them, and maybe some of you will find some entertainment in them as well! So, Id like to start a weekly post here too!

1. Everyone that walked into the room was a doctor. Didnt matter if it was housekeeping, the nurse, an actual doctor...they were ALL doctors. Anytime Id leave and come back she'd have another gift (she was 1 of maybe 3 pts on the floor and she was the only little one). Id say, who brought you that? She'd say the same thing everytime..."the doctor got me this" hahaha "the doctor brought me more apple juice", "the doctor made my bed", etc etc

2. In the ambulance...I had to sit up front, so she was sitting in the back by herself with the paramedic. I could hear the guy talking to her, but couldnt really hear their conversation. All of a sudden he comes up front by us and the driver asks him what he is doing. He said he was trying to entertain her by asking her questions and she turned to him seriously and said..."Im just going to close my eyes right now. No more talking." so, he turned the lights off and came up front. lol

3. So, then we get to the hospital and she came alive again and started talking nonstop. "Is this the hostital?" (hospital) "Are we going on the alligator? (elevator) Is that guy sick like me?? She yelled REAL loud, "Pooh, pooh, pooh, poohs on the floor". (we were all thinking she is talking about poo on the floor) Ava said "no, you silly, dare's pooh right dare on da fwoor." Sure enough, there was a huge winnie the pooh sitting right there! No, you silly!

4. My cynical little girl. Whenever we are watching tv, if she sees something not "real" she will let us know. "barney isnt real, dinosaurs cant talk, monsters dont talk"...etc. We were at dinner last week and my brother points to a dog that she is coloring and asks her what a doggie says. She turns to him all seriously and says..."Dogs cant talk!"...DUH! hahaha

5. She got so sick of me asking how she was feeling, one time she was laying in bed and it looked like she was gonna get sick. I asked her if she was gonna throw up and she said "Dont say that to me ANYMORE mom." I maybe was being a tad overbearing!

More to come...nap time is officially over! :(

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